Caring for Freshwater Plants

Caring for freshwater plants Introduction The addition of real plants not only adds colour and vibrancy to your aquarium, but healthy plant growth can help oxygenate the water and remove some of the waste products that fish produce. In doing so, you can convert your aquarium to a complete underwater ecosystem. There are hundreds of […]

Pond Fish Care

Pond Fish Care Introduction There are various species of fish including goldfish, Koi, orfe, rudd and tench which can be added to a garden pond. All of these species are members of the Cyprinidae family and can be widely found throughout Asia and Europe. Water Requirements You should try to ensure the water in your […]

How to set up and maintain a freshwater aquarium

How to set up and maintain a freshwater aquarium Introduction Setting up an aquarium can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby for adults and children alike. It has been shown that watching fish in a healthy and well maintained aquarium can reduce your stress levels.                                                                                                                                                                    But before purchasing an aquarium, you should consider all the […]