Pond life under snow

Freezing Weather

Some notes on what to do, what to look out for…according to the Met Office, we are in for another bout of freezing and low temperatures Wednesday and onward. My guess is that with the prevailing high pressure system and Easterly winds, we could be in for a deep freeze. Your fish may have started […]

Thunder Moon Koi Now For Sale

As you may know, our large pond of koi spawned last year. We are happy to announce that these koi babies are now  for sale. Born and reared on site at Pond Life Aquatics here in the heart of Mill Hill. We have a beautiful range of koi with a variety of different colours and […]

Caring for Freshwater Plants

Caring for freshwater plants Introduction The addition of real plants not only adds colour and vibrancy to your aquarium, but healthy plant growth can help oxygenate the water and remove some of the waste products that fish produce. In doing so, you can convert your aquarium to a complete underwater ecosystem. There are hundreds of […]

Pond Fish Care

Pond Fish Care Introduction There are various species of fish including goldfish, Koi, orfe, rudd and tench which can be added to a garden pond. All of these species are members of the Cyprinidae family and can be widely found throughout Asia and Europe. Water Requirements You should try to ensure the water in your […]

How to set up and maintain a freshwater aquarium

How to set up and maintain a freshwater aquarium Introduction Setting up an aquarium can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby for adults and children alike. It has been shown that watching fish in a healthy and well maintained aquarium can reduce your stress levels.                                                                                                                                                                    But before purchasing an aquarium, you should consider all the […]

easy-life easystart

Easy-Life Product Guide

Here at Pond Life we stock a variety of treatments to treat fish and improve water quality. Here is a guide to the most popular Easy-Life products that we stock. Voogle Perfect fish care, avoid antibiotics Voogle creates excellent water conditions for fish and other animals in freshwater aquariums. Every fish has a natural immune […]

Snow Tunnel

Winter Pond Tips

Winter Pond Tips Winter is here at last. If your pond freezes, make sure that there is an ice-free hole; Pond heaters, air pumps and foam pyramids will do the job..air pumps are best as the pond benefits from the additional oxygen all year round and are inexpensive to run. Should your pond freeze over […]

Pond Life display

Koi Breeding!

At this time of year it is not uncommon to see your Koi getting a little bit boisterous in the pond and laying eggs under plants, rocks, or anywhere they can get to! It’s important during this period that you are stocked up on Pond Tonic Salt, sold in store, to treat your fish as […]

Fantastic Fighting Fish!

Here at Pond Life Aquatics, we pride ourselves on our range of stunning fighting fish. These stunning fish are a fantastic addition to most community tanks with very few requirements. They are also ideal for beginner tanks only needing very small body’s of water to survive and thrive. Come into store today and talk to one […]