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Monday-Saturday: 9:30-5:30

Sunday: 10:30-4:30 


Pond Life Aquatics
Finchley Nurseries
Burtonhole Lane
Mill Hill

1.0 miles from Mill Hill East Station.

1.9 miles from Mill Hill Broadway Station.

0.4 miles from nearest 240 bus stop

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. We are so grateful to Kyle for introducing, Laurence and Harris to us…………Their TLC on looking after our Pond/Lake, is second to none and after 30 years of living here at Lakeside, I am well qualified to say that!!!!!!!!!!!………….Better late than never and we will enjoy all their recommendations on how to keep everything looking beautiful in our garden………..Many thanks, to Kyle, Laurence, and Harris………….Loz/Loraine Staton and family………

  2. Purchased a Biorb 30L tank in September 2011. Tried to keep goldfish and then White Cloud Mountain Minnows for about 4 years following to the letter instructions from Biorb, various reference books, advice from various aquatic centres and other local pet shops but unable to keep any fish healthy and alive. I then called into Pondlife Aquatics and had a long chat with the proprietor, Laurence, who is clearly very knowledgable and passionate about his profession. Laurence sold me some very healthy and lively Zebra Danios and gave me his somewhat unorthodox and far simpler ‘less is more’ instructions on fish keeping. I have followed Laurence’s regime very strictly and several months later my Danios are happy and healthy and bringing a lot of pleasure to the household! Well done Laurence and thank you for your time and trouble. We were about to give up! Anyone interested in purchasing an aquarium should come and see you for instruction and some very healthy fish!

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