Freezing Weather

Pond life under snow

Some notes on what to do, what to look out for…according to the Met Office, we are in for another bout of freezing and low temperatures Wednesday and onward. My guess is that with the prevailing high pressure system and Easterly winds, we could be in for a deep freeze. Your fish may have started to feed over the past week of mild weather. If you do wish to feed, try following these simple guidelines: feed lightly, feed low protein food 30% and less, Fish Science foods are excellent, we are using them here at Pond Life. I digress..we stock a range of suitable foods. Make sure that your filter is not foul; if not, (best done in December…) rinse out media with pond water , you have approx 48 hours to sort before the pond starts to freeze again and pipes become too brittle to mess with.

If your pond freezes, do not smash the ice, the shock can kill your fish. If this freeze is prolonged, heat a pan of water and place it’s bottom on the ice to melt a hole to allow gaseous not add the hot water, no good will come from it. If you have power supply to your pond, consider using a pond heater or, an air pump (we stock both)..the air pump is by far the best bet, slightly more pricey, however, these can be run to the benefit of your pond throughout the year, adding oxygen to your pond on those long hot summer nights when your pond plants are dumping their CO2, avoiding potential oxygen crashes and fish kills….yes, it will be summer one day…so long as your pond fish can breathe, your fish should be OK.

When the temperature starts to rise, service your filters and sort out your u.v’s, yes, they do make a difference. Adding a filter booster in March is also a good idea, we stock them here at Pond Life.If you have a wildlife pond, add any log fall to your pond’s margins to provide cover for newts and frogs, they shall be returning to the water as Spring approaches. From experience, frogs can start to spawn pretty much anytime from now until April, depending upon the weather. If you don’t like frogs/frog spawn, please don’t throw it out, contact us or your nearest wildlife center. Frogs as a species are under threat globally and need our help…every little helps. Any questions e.mail, call or visit. We are open 7 days every week, loads of free parking and advise. Keep warm if you can and check on your elderly neighbors, only takes a minute.