Interpet Internal Power Filter PF2


Water filter designed for cleaner, healthier aquariums – triple stage filtration
Powerful aeration – rocker switch controlled venturi
Fully adjustable – easy flow rate and direction adjustment
Patented aqua valve
Easy fitting and low maintenance 45-90 litres (10-20 gallons) in volume. It has a maximum flow rate of 500 litres per hour (110 gallons per hour) and is 9 Watts. PF Filters are available in 5 sizes. Replacement filter media for this product are available.

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Product Description

The Interpet PF Filtration system represents the most versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-use water filters available. Effective filtration provides the ideal conditions for your aquarium fish, plants and coral to thrive. The PF range features a triple stage filtration system with mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

The PF2 provides effective aeration with rocker switch controlled powerful venturi. Its low maintenance design features an easy to clean cartridge. The patented aqua valve is a non-return valve that prevents waste from being dumped back into the aquarium when the filter is removed. The PF2 is fully adjustable, with easy flow rate and direction adjustment.


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